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Catio Life: MAINE COON GARDEN CATIO by Catio Spaces


Louie and Sampson, two Maine Coon rescues, enjoy fresh air while lounging in their garden catio and watching backyard activities. Their human mom enjoys the benefits of catios too. Life is good in a catio!

Designed and built by Catio Spaces. www.CatioSpaces.com

Catio Spaces designs and builds outdoor cat enclosures and offers a variety of DIY Catio Plans for cat owners who want to build their own catio.

Founder Cynthia Chomos, a catio designer and general contractor, started Catio Spaces out of a desire to keep her cat safe, healthy and happy outdoors while protecting birds and wildlife.


  1. Nice to see someone who really cares about the safety of their cats. you have built the perfect space for them and I'm sure they enjoy it I know my cats would love it.

  2. You people are rude, good thing she did not have to ask for your opinion before she created this space for her cats. You don't matter, the cats do!!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful kitties; and what a spectacular catio!!. 🐈🐈 I'm so jealous because I want a catio for my own sweet cats to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe and secure spot. 💗💗

  4. Well no life isn't good for the poor cats!! Controling up-tight and out-a-sight ole bag just makes it suck for them. For one they sprint to get their bowels moving! But oh no you can't allow that. No no one is aloud to move faster than you.

  5. Our municipality is considering mandating these enclosures for all domestic cats (the premise is to protect local wildlife). Personally, I think they should only by installed where there is no safe alternative for outdoor life for the cat, such as apartment buildings.

  6. What people don't realize is cats are not going to run off unless the owner is mean to them or they are not feed well. Cats are territorial. They roam around but they will not run off.

  7. oat grass seeds can be used , shallow tray sprinkle the seeds on the potting soil spray it down with water bottle , sun let it grow the cats can chew on it , they love it. repeat with new batch.

  8. Add a few PLANTS in the catio, like spider plants in plastic pots. Cats love to make contact with plants. My cat loves spider plants,she can chew on them. They're not poisonous to cats. Those cats are enjoying the catio but they're also unable to walk on the grass, or nibble plants or roll around in a garden bed. At least provide a few potted plants.

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