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  1. In a different video you did a quick mention of your wife’s sewing machine. Without touching it and with permission maybe you could do a show and tell. I’m curious what it does do or doesn’t do from any of your other machines. Brand? Model?

    I’m enjoying you videos from a simple tour or a demo of a machine, right up to car seat upholstery repair. There was one video where you made a simple pouch using hook and loop. Have you made a video inserting a zipper? Where do you buy your the material like rolls denim or heavy duty nylon? The local fabric store carries bolts…

  2. Something that may be helpful.. With the hogrings you can remove them a lot easier, even with just 1 needle nose pliers. You were trying to open the jaws of the hogring, turning the 'o' shape into more of a 'u' shape. Instead grab the ring across the 'o' , contacting 2 sides to give you leverage. Now twist the ring against the item its holding. It works well with 1 pliers on most objects. With something soft like you were using you could use a 2nd pliers to twist against, but its most likely not necessary. I just finished doing this on my seats and once you get the hang of it, its amazing how easy it goes.

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