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Elke Rindfleisch & Sarah Weber Gallo // Let Me Try to Explain // Come Again?


The performance of “Let Me just Try to Explain / Come Again?” the second work in a new trilogy by Elke Rindfleisch and Sarah Weber Gallo

The first part, “This Dance is Nonfiction,” premiered at Roulette in June 2014 as an evening-length solo danced by Rindfleisch. The second part furthers the challenging conversation reopened in “This Dance Is Nonfiction,” addressing various states of disconnect, moving through unspoken territories, trying to explain. Mining their rich shared history as collaborative artists, their signature visceral physicality, and a backbone of fairy tale archetypes, Rindfleish and Weber Gallo hurtle themselves away from safety into various limbic states and through a few bad places, and perhaps find that the moon isn’t really all that blue.

Sarah Weber Gallo and Elke Rindfleish discuss their history of working together, how this history plays into their current work, and what it means for them to make art.

Supported by a pop/punk score and the music of Joshua Morris, the dramaturgy of Joseph Gallo, and a design team including Sam Meredith, Joy Havens, and Matthew J. Fick, Just Let Me Try to Explain / Come Again? shifts between performed art installation and explosive dancing to penetrate the protective veils and armors of human relationships.

Since 1999, Elke Rindfleisch has created a rigorous, critically acclaimed body of raw, highly physical and emotional works. At the root of her choreography lies the focus on investigating movement—researching its origins, its appearances and effects, and its emotional worth.

Sarah Weber Gallo is a dancer, choreographer, and educator located in Hoboken, NJ, where she is Dance Education Director for Mile Square Theatre Dance Academy, Hoboken’s premier pre-professional dance academy offering classes in Ballet, Modern, Theatre Dance, Hip Hop, and Tap for children and adults. Sarah is also a senior dancer with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and an independent choreographer whose work has been commissioned and presented by the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Roulette Intermedium, Mile Square Theatre, unShout the Noise, and Indy Convergence, among others.

Produced By
Jim Staley

Directed and Photographed By
Wolfgang Daniel

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