Home Fitness Home Gym Part 3: Lazily Bolting a Rogue Rack to a Wooden Platform

Home Gym Part 3: Lazily Bolting a Rogue Rack to a Wooden Platform


This was a scheduled upload, and I still haven’t had time to put a description in. Message me on facebook, or e-mail me if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks for putting your video together! I've built my platform based on the art of manliness post, and put together my rack (Rogue RML-390C) and am now ready to bolt it down. I blindly followed the posts instructions of getting 3.5" lag bolts, which are just way too long for bolting to this platform. I was looking for information on how others have done this, and your video is the first that closely replicates what I am trying to do, so thank you!

  2. Hey all. Im looking to do a very similar thing with a titan t3 (same dimensions). Do you feel like the area in front of the rack is spacious enough for power cleans?

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm actually in the process of building a nearly identical home gym in my basement with an R3 and a platform I just put together, and have been debating between countersunk carriage bolts vs. lag bolts for the anchor. After seeing your success with the lag bolts think I'm going to go with those so I don't need to flip my platform over!

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