Hot Wheels Guide for Newbie Collectors

Hot Wheels Guide for Newbie Collectors

Hot Wheels Guide for Newbie Collectors


When it comes to toy cars and collectibles, there is no other greater name than Hot Wheels. As a matter of fact, the brand is an American icon and a legend in the entire toy industry. This classic die cast toy is widely considered as the most popular and preferred collectible toy in the entire history. While that premise could be debatable, it’s no secret that it is a legend on its own.

One of the best things about this car toy collection is that they aren’t just intended and popular for children and kids, they are also quite interesting for adults, especially when it comes to collecting the same. There are so many adult individuals who boast collecting more than ten thousand of these toy cars and they are classified into three important categories.

This Hot Wheels guide will tell you that when you’re planning to collect the brand’s toy cars, you will be presented with three categorical options and these are vintage, modern, and contemporary. Vintage Hot Wheels are the very first ones to be unveiled and introduced to the consumer market. There is a consensus that any car produced before the 1980s will be considered vintage. Hence, those that were made during the 1980 to 1989 are labeled as modern and the newest, from 1990 up to the present, are referred to as the contemporary collection.

With that in mind, one of the basic things any Hot Wheels guide will give you is proper organization. You must therefore ideally choose a category based on the period of production in order to concentrate on collecting the cars belonging to the mentioned period before going to another one.

How to Begin a Hot Wheels Collection

It’s no secret that collecting this hot toy car line corresponds to maximum fun and entertainment. One of the best things in owning them is that you really don’t have to spend that much since they’re not that expensive. Hence, you get to collect a couple right away.

One of the first things you have to keep in mind is what kind of Hot Wheels do you fancy the most. Think of yourself as a separate and distinctive collector and ask: are you planning to have those toy cars as merely for display and collection or will you play with them in actuality? Remember that when you opt for playing with them, you can always prefer the loose hot wheels type since they are easier to obtain and less expensive in general.

But if you are someone looking for the rarest versions and models, majority of Hot Wheels guide and reviews online will tell you that you need to allot more money than usual. This is because there is a trend wherein the earliest models of these little cars are also the most likely to be expensive, and that’s because they’re so rare. Hence, you will normally fetch one over a $100 or even more.

In the end, having to choose Hot Wheels for collection is a very nice hobby for anyone. Just make sure you do get authentic ones without damages or deterioration.

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