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How to Build an Olympic Lifting Platform in Less than Four Minutes: Time Lapse


Total “Real” Time: Roughly 8 hours, if we subtract “lunches”, we’re looking at 5 hours–and that includes gathering the materials. For those who know what they’re doing, the platform can easily be built in 2 to 3 hours.

Dimensions are: 8 feet x 8 feet. The height of the platform is: about 2 1/4 inches.

The plywood was 4 feet x 8 feet; the stall mats were 4 feet x 6 feet.
Each individual piece was roughly 3/4 of an inch tall.

(Note: Unfortunately, there is a YouTube character limit to how much I can write in the description–there is more information on the building process in the comments below!)

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  1. I wanted to save money and cut down on cost since wood is expensive and my location and stall mats are even more expensive. Would using used pallets be a bad idea? ,I would by a 4×8 plywood for the top but the base(bottom) would be constructed of all used pallets that I would take apart. Any comments are very appreciated. Thanks!

  2. its a beautiful platform,  would love to train on it. But there is no need to have a mirror, especially with it so close to the platform. Its good for a little bit of technical work, but if you get too dependent on it then you're screwed when you lift without one.

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  4. Thanks!

    I think the whole process of shopping , building, cleaning, etc. can easily be done over a weekend. (Only takes that long to let the paint dry.) Truth be told, fast workers might spend 3-4 hours on the entire project (including gathering the materials) if they have the right equipment and some experience building stuff. For everyone else, I'd still expect that they might spend (at most) a total of 8 hours over that weekend time frame . . .

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