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How To Make/DIY Deadlift Platform


How To Make/DIY Deadlift Platform: Easy Setup that anyone can do themselves. I listed the equipment/materials/tools in the video and I will list them again right here:
– (2) 4×8 pieces of plywood 3/4 in. thick (low quality)
– (1) 4×4 piece of plywood 3/4 in. thick (high quality)
– (1) 4×6 stall mat 3/4 in. thick
– Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
– Caulking Gun
– Power Drill
– 1&1/4 in. wood screws
– 2 in. wood screws
– Wood Stain (Optional)
– Ruler (Guide)
– Chalk Line
– Boxcutters

-Take your time, you will be rewarded in the end with a great finished professional looking product.
-Not all plywood is exactly 3/4 in. thick (mine was 23/32 in thick) so just bring measuring tape with you and make sure it’s close, so the stall mat is flush with the 4×4 on top.
-It’s okay if your plywood is somewhat warped(bent) that’s what the glue and weights are for, just make sure when you do glue that everything is lined up.
-Focus on gluing close to the border of the plywood as that’s where it’s going to be most important.
-Don’t be afraid of using a lot of glue, that stuff is cheap. To give you a more general idea I used 3 bottles of Liquid Nails, that you saw in the video, on the whole thing. 1 for the (2) 4×8’s, another for the top 4×4, and the third one for the stall mats.
-Take your time and be careful drilling to ensure the screws are as flush as possible with the surface
-If using boxcutters make sure to use water as a lubricant to make cutting a lot easier and to have a more smooth cut.

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