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How To Pick Out The Best Weight Bench


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FID Utility Bench

Boomer Boost

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  1. Yea I hear you man. The first bench you had we had when we were in high school my cousin saved did 405lb on it 2 times a week I did 225lb but to do legs it's shit cuz it would roll up my shin making it lighter than if it was on my ankle.

  2. That bench looks like an old Hoist bench or possibly KeyFitness bench. The fact that it has 4 height adjustments for the leg holder is pretty cool in itself.

    Come to think of it, it most likely is an older version of a keyfitness bench.

  3. Very nice video, cover practically everything you need for a bench

    Here's a few suggestions if anyone is looking to buy new. The best is the last one I mention in the list

    Cheapest bench (Flat, Incline, Decline… FID bench)
    *800lb capacity
    *leg holder for situps
    *Seat DOESN'T adjust (4:25 explains why that's important to have, but not necessary)
    *Doesn't come with wheels

    Better Bench – Powerblock Bench (FID bench)
    *550lb capacity
    *Heavy Duty
    *NO leg holder
    *Low to the ground = Stable position
    *Seat inclines
    *Comes with WHEELS (easier to move around)

    IronMaster Bench FID bench (Equal to Powerblock bench in terms of quality)
    *too high off the ground in flat position (I don't like that)
    *Medium to very low adjustable seat in for incline position (Cool feature)
    *Seat inclines
    *1,000lb capacity
    *A CRAP TON OF attachments which is pretty cool
    *Doesn't come with wheels

    BEST bench in my opinion – Rep FID adjustable bench
    *1,000lb capacity
    *Seat inclines
    *Leg holder for situps
    *Comes with wheels
    *Medium height

    Buy the walmart bench if you're short on cash
    Buy the Powerblock bench if you don't care about attachments or leg holder,
    Buy the Rep Fitness once you're confident in what you want/need in a bench. Which I am, since I've tested all kinds of crazy benches and I don't need attachments.

  4. What is a good decline angle for a workout bench?  I'm looking to buy one and doing crunches/ sit-ups is my main concern. I've found "Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench" and "Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench" which one in your opinion is the better option for my main target?  Thanks

  5. Hey bro, what is the base material at the back of the padding? Is it metal sheet plate or a plywood/hardwood? Is it screwed or bolted? Nice n detailed video btw..

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