Recharge your AC system properly. I go though all of the steps on how to safely charge your air conditioning system with refrigerant. First you need to evacuate the system, then pull a vacuum, and then add the correct amount of refrigerant based on weight.

Vacuum Pump + Manifold gauge combo:
Manifold gauge set:
AC vacuum pump
Refrigerant (with no oil or sealers):
Refrigerant Can Tap:
Scale to weigh Refrigerant:

How to Find AC System Leaks:
How to Replace an AC Compressor:
How to Quick Charge your AC System:

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  1. Dear Sir, my car (2005 Lancer) shows very high pressure on the high-pressure side such that the HVAC pressure switch turns off after 40 sec when ac is turned on…what might be the reason for this. Recently my car runs through water upto a level of 1.5 foot. Whether water gets enter into the system

  2. Thank you guyes saved me a trip to the mechanic i had overcharged my system and the clutch kept coming on and off so i did some research cheked the sensors and ended up fixing it by sticking a pen to release some freon hope this helps someone out there!!!

  3. A/C vacuum doesn't create a "complete" vacuum rather it takes it down to 29.something inches which is enough to lower the boiling point of water so that it turns into a gas, and then all of the gas / air is vacuumed out, leaving the oil, which has not boiled off remaining in the system.

  4. You just evacuated the system by running the vaccuum pump for 30 + 45 minutes to get everything out, THEN you say you don't need to add oil or dye since these things are already in the system?? What am I not understanding??

    How come nobody else is asking this same question?

  5. Hey Chris can u help me understand something, so the cans are 12 oz but when u weighed it, it said 20 oz & u still took a full 10 oz. Can u please explain that to me. My Car is calling for 18 oz & I also got 2 12 oz cans same as you. Please help!

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