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Making An Incline Bench


An incline bench is a versatile tool and you can make one in 5 minutes for $1 that easily stores so you dont take up half the garage!

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  1. Is there some sort of makeshift incline bench i can make from stuff in my room likepillowfort style where i can toss the peices back where they go because i camt afford plywood or anyrhing (im 14 and currently am trying to get a job im cheap lol) like is there a sub for the plywood and maybe rope?

  2. bet Scooby lives in Newport Beach. & why is he so concerned about buying used # on craigslist if he owns a frikkin airplane!
    i would in fact rather buy a welded used bench for $30 (but try it) than use this death trap weighting to happen. where's the bottom seat that keeps you from sliding off? do you scoot up to the wall so you can press against it with your feet?

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  4. Question: regarding feeting position. When you're laying back on a bench, your feet are more firmly planted on the ground. Using this bench, you have no 'firm way to 'push' at the ground with your feet. In the long term, could this significantly affect general muscle balance?

  5. I wouldn't mate, if it slips and you're benching, you're going to drop the weight onto your face and you could have a really nasty accident. You need to buy a drill and do it the safe way.

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