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Over charged your car ac system?


Guardian Angel Safety Lights:

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The transportation industry is ever changing.
Truck drivers need to stay fluid in the market place to maximize their skill sets.
Learn from the past don’t stay in the past, adapt and overcome new obstacles.

Joseph Canell was a Merchant Marine “civilian Sailor” sailing across the world and living in some great places. I came back to the United States and became a truck driver and just kept on traveling.

Trucking experience:

Dry Van
Refrigerated Trailer
Drive Away
Pneumatic oil field

All 48 states including Canada werewolf trucker

Boomer Boost

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  1. haha lol! I found that out just yesterday by coincidence. Place the gadget on the Low outlet and press on the trigger. The coolant comes right out. Did the same thing.

  2. You need a real manifold gauge set and it wont happen. Ahhh Refrigerant releases. What happens every minute when some idiot wrecks. Psstttttt release. when the condenser goes

  3. really not harmless at all: release of one gram of R134a would have the same global warming effect as releasing 1,410 grams of carbon dioxide. The warming number of Freon-12, the common auto refrigerant used into the 1990s, is 8,500, so better than the old stuff but far from harmless. This shit matters people! Pretty sure your shop will take some of the refrigerant off pretty cheaply and safely if overcharge is the problem.

  4. most auto A/C systems take less than two small cans for the entire system & that can is huge so yeah definitely too much. stuff is dangerous I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this either. Refrigerant cuts oxygen to the brain being heavier than air. for someone to stand there & release it well it could turn out bad.

  5. That would embarrassing. I'm glad I never did that. Wink.
    while we are talking hypotheticals, how much do you know about super glue and male anatomy? Just askin, you know, for a friend.

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