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Repair rust above windshield /cab roof chevy c10


rust above windshield, found a few patch panels in the junk yard and went to cutting

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  1. Fantastic job the way it's suppose to be done.You cut it out didn't just fill it looks wonderful. I'am new to your channel and learn alot great tips for my 63' Chevy Nova.Thanks for sharring God bless 🙏💜

  2. Love your videos! Keep up the good work. You're like the skillful, patient uncle I never had. Thanks!

    Great explanations, no foul language, patience, awesome editing, and you're really good at telling us what you're doing.

  3. I'm not brand new to body work, but am by no means accomplished with it yet, as a 'do it yourselfer'. Watching your videos helped me to see the different strategies one can employ toward solving something. Due to the lack of experience hours under my belt and no formal training in school or via another person, my thinking tended to be linear or inside the box, if you will. Watching you solve issues through creativity and innovation is inspiring opening up more possibilities in my own mode(s) of thinking. Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent vids.

  4. When you seam seal the drip rail on the top of the cab, what do you use and how much? Eventually i need to do the same thing as this video and I want to do it right like you, thank you so much!

  5. Love your work! I'm gonna be getting an inspection camera later on to use inside all my panels to see what's going on in there. I'll also use it on my fuel tank when I clean it out.

  6. You are very lucky to find those junk yard donor parts,, I won't be that lucky and will have to fab my patch panels for the area over the windshield! any tips would be appreciated Thanks

  7. Did you keep the roof section of those pieces you got from the junk yard? the top of the cab comers near the drip rails. I'm restoring my 65 and the roof is shot on that corner. I'd love to have those pieces just to see what I need to fab in order to make a set for myself. Love your channel! Awesome work

  8. I'm working on a 61. During transport from Louisiana the entire cab top separated and flew off the truck. The transport driver never knew it happened. Or maybe he did but didn't want to admit that he just left it in the road. Anyway I have an even bigger job of replacing the entire cab top outer shell. ugh!!!

  9. You should spray some epoxy primer in around those seams, before you seam seal it.
    You've done such a great job on those patches, might aswell have them last alot longer.
    Great work!

  10. For such a straight truck it must have sat in the worst place ! Your patchs on the truck are coming along beautifully ! Was this a one owner when you bought it ?

  11. hello, just wanted you to know you inspired me to tackle repairs on 66 fleet side that I never would have tried before , they worked out great for me , inner outer rockers floor pans dash rust holes, cab corners, thanks for some good videos .

  12. great work man as having a 1965 c10 short bed step side that needs some rust repair cab corner floor braces you keep my interest going I enjoy watching your videos thx

  13. Looks good Gibson, I haven't started stripping my top yet, I hope it aint that bad, aint a lot of donors round here . You lucked up like a big dog getting those donor pieces…..

  14. I've binged watched all your videos and I'm beyond impressed. Your feel for metal is a real joy to watch. A true craftsman. And this is your "hobby"? Incredible. If I ever need welding done, don't be surprised to find a slightly drenched Irishman at your door who drove across the Atlantic. With a few crates of beer in the back of the car of course. 🙂

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