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SHOSTAKOVICH DISCO CLUB 쇼스타코비치 디스코 클럽 (5 excerpts 발췌)


[2013]Multi Channel Video / Sound / Color
Excerpt Order 발췌순서 1.Participant Yun Jung Lee (choreographer) 2.Patrick Jambon (performance artist) 3. Okkyung Lee (cellist) 4. Sara Bellanova (Ph.D candidate) 5. Seungyoon Choi (dancer) ••• Filmed at rehearsal studios in Berlin, Basel and Seoul, SHOSTAKOVICH DISCO CLUB documents how a variety of participants responded to the Allegro movement of Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony, which they were consciously hearing for the first time. Mimicking the freedom of a disco club, the setting allowed the participants to respond in any way they wished, and thus raises questions about the way people consume classical music as we define it.
The work is constructed out of 22 video clips, each of which runs for about 3 minute 50 seconds, the length of the Allegro movement. Each segment features the responses of one individual participant, most of whom performed with the music two or three times. These moments are simultaneously put together in each 3m50s-video as three-channel-work. Four of the videos bring together the re-arranged images of the space superimposed with geometric shapes, forming the author’s own direct response to the music. Titled LICHT, this makes both the integral and independent series under SHOSTA DISCO project.

Observations and patterns emerged out of the performances. Despite the liberty and disco club like freedom, individuals tended to reflect their personal living history, for example in the case of dancers/choreographers, letting go of the idea of improvising based on their discipline seemed to be hard. A cellist responded by playing the cello.
NOTE: In the installation of this project, there will be a mini-filming lab where viewers will have a chance to respond to the music of Shostakovich, and then view themselves in essence as part of the work.
쇼스타코비치 디스코 클럽은 약 22개의 영상으로 이루어진 더블채널 인스톨레이션으로 제작되고 있다. 개개의 영상은 약 3분 50초 이며 이는 쇼스타코비치 작곡 챔버 심포니 알레그로 악장의 길이이다.
이 작업은 각각의 참가자가 이 Chamber Symphony: Allegro molto 에 맞춰 몸을 움직이는 것을 다큐멘트 한 것으로 참가자들은 작업을 통해 이 음악을 처음 접했으며이로 인해 움직임은 즉흥적이다. 모든 참가자에게 “디스코 클럽과도 같은 자유로움” 이 전제로 주어졌음에도 불구하고 움직임은 각 참가자의 삶의 경험이나 현재의 직업 등을 반영한다.

SELECTED (Omitted 2002-2008; contact the artist)

2012 • White Box Art Center, (curated by Helene L. Petersen) New York, NY, USA
2009 • Art Forum Rhee, Puchon, S. Korea

2011 • TanzFilmPlatformBerlin, DOCK 11 EDEN*****, Berlin, Germany
2009 • FabrikPotsdam, Summer Residency, Potsdam, Germany

2015 coming up MODAFE showcase The DUET, Seoul, S. Korea
2015 • Performance The DUET, Collaboration with choreographer Yun Jung Lee, Fringe Festival, Madrid, Spain
2015 • Gwangju Media Art Festival, Gwangju, S. Korea
2015 • Publication Special profile issue (March/April), Origin magazine, Nation wide, US

2014 Exhibition DRAW, LIG Art Center, Seoul, S.Korea
2013 • Exhibition, NARS Foundation Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA
• Video projection, Go Back Jump II, Physical Theater Festival, Arko Arts Theater 3, Seoul, S. Korea

2012 • Short film projection, Go Back Jump, contemporary dance performance by Yun Jung
Lee, Mary Hall, Sogang Univ. Seoul, S. Korea
• Recipient of Emergency Grants, Foundation of Contemporary Art, New York, NY
• Video Installation & Projection, The Avoidance Dance – Performance with S. Estacio and
Leila Gaudin, Theaterlab, New York City, USA

2011 • Arts Monthly, Review of HAEINART, Seoul, S. Korea
• HAEINART Exhibition, Haeinsa monastery, Hapcheon, S. Korea
• Screening, White Box Gallery, New York City, USA
• Big Screen Project, New York City, USA
• Shorts II, Korean American Film Festival, Clearview Cinema, New York City
• Dance Film-Movement In the Film Art, Kino Tuskanac, Zagreb, Croatia
and Art Kino Croatia, Rijeka, Croatia

2010 • POOL 10, International TanzfilmPlatformBerlin, Best film (Pearls 10), Berlin, Germany
• Book *Oper Dynamo West:Die Stadt als Bühne, Mention and stills from the film
DER FREISCHÜTZ_GA, Hatje Cantz publication, Berlin, Germany
• Big Screen Project [public art outdoor monitor], New York, NY, USA
• The DUET, Video+ Contemporary Dance Performance, LIG ART HALL, Seoul, S. Korea
• 7 Images and Text (English+Korean), Jaum and Moeum Literary Quarterly Magazine,
Autumn Issue, Seoul. S. Korea
• Seogyo 60 Exhibition, Gallery SangsangMadang, Seoul, S. Korea

2009 • Parallel Signal, Group Exhibition, ArtSpace HUE, Seoul, S. Korea
• Beyond Media, Intl’ Festival for Architecture and Media, Florence, Italy
(Omitted 2002-2008; contact the artist)

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