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Stop Smoking & Feel Great – Binaural Beats Session – By Thomas Hall


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This recording contains powerful binaural beat messages. Please only listen to this recording in a safe environment.

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Here is a list of all the affirmations/messages in this recording.
You do not need to smoke
I do not need to smoke
Smoking is bad for you
Smoking is bad for me
You feel better when you don’t smoke
I feel better when I don’t smoke
Let yourself relax and enjoy life as a non smoker
I relax and enjoy life as a non smoker
Don’t smoke
You are motivated to stop smoking
I am motivated to stop smoking
You must stop smoking
I must stop smoking
Smoking will cause cancer
Smoking will kill you
Smoking will kill me
You have the power and motivation to resist cigarette cravings
I have the power and motivation to resist cigarette cravings
You will resist cigarette cravings
I will resist cigarette cravings
Do not smoke
Cigarettes are extremely unhealthy
You will be happier without smoking
I will be happier without smoking
You are happier without smoking
You must stop smoking
I must stop smoking
You can deal with stress easily
I can deal with stress easily
You can deal with stress easily because you are a calm and confident person
I can deal with stress easily because I am a calm and confident person
You have the motivation to stop smoking
I have the motivation to stop smoking
Take control of your life
You are a very intelligent person that can achieve anything
I am a very intelligent person that can achieve anything
You are motivated to quit smoking
I am motivated to quit smoking
You are able to relax easily
I am able to relax easily
You are a non smoker
I am a non smoker
You have very strong willpower
I have very strong willpower
You are a strong person
I am a strong person
Be aware of how powerful your mind is
You have excellent motivation
I have excellent motivation
You will succeed
I will succeed
You have very strong willpower
I have very strong willpower
Your willpower allows you to do anything
My willpower allows me to do anything
You can achieve anything you set your mind to
I can achieve anything I set my mind to
You are a powerful person
I am a powerful person
You are full of positive energy
I am full of positive energy
You can do anything you set your mind to
I can do anything I set my mind to
(((((All of the above are repeated throughout the recording)))))

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  1. Day 2. No craving for cigarettes but a strong craving for medwakh (arabic pipe) maybe because medwakh unlike cigarette gives a strong hit in just 1 blow. Like espresso shot. Craving gets a little easy when i listen to these beats. I hope this works out for me. And i dont end up giving up

  2. Hi Thomas. First of all thanks for your generosity. It is amazing that you share for free these great binaural healing audios. I am sure you have to know a lot and to work a lot to make them.
    You know, I've been fighting for years against this addicction… I succeded to stop smoking several times, for long periods, but stress and worries always made me fall down and started again. This has been a war inside for years. Lately I've been trying to control how much I smoke, so I use to buy a 10 cigarret pack and try not to smoke more than 10 a day. Last night I was desperated, looking for a solution to this cruel illness, the addiction to tobacco. I discovered, "Stop Smoking Forever – Sleep Hypnosis Session", an 8 hours audio, when I was googling for alternatives to quit smoking. Today, magically I woke up with no cravings at all for tobacco. I didn't do what I do every day, wake up, get dressed up and go across the street to buy a 10 pack. What's happening today is really amazing. Although I feel my mind and body are struggling because now I am not actually consuming tobacco, what is just great is that THERE IS NOT CRAVING. Going through your stuff, I just discovered this one 2 hours long, which I am listening now with headphones as you suggest. I have a request, maybe it's ok for you: I am a musician and composer. I am into computers, programs, instruments, music, audio, video, cybernetics and stuff… I wish you teach me how to make my own binaural audios for my personal use with my own messages in them. It seems that you know what you are doing. Or if you can't, at least guide me on what to learn. Thanks and blessings. You are doing so much good for people. Thanks again.

  3. I used always tell myself its ok to smoke because Ive seen terrible things ,back in the early 90's ,I worked for two morturarys and the M.E's office and that we will all die when its time,but tired of smoking,the smell needing or wanting tobacco or spending my money on cigarettes im tired of it

  4. I've quit "for love" and i gained 10kgs! Then i used to like casino machines came back one day and juat few days in, i believe the cigarrete aroma grab me in the addiction again
    Hopefully this may work for me too. I am not gambling since last year and i wont back to loose money. Now i dont want to loose more money in tabbaco neither and want to feel healthier amd clean.
    Thank you, im hopeful!

  5. I don't know what a binaural beats session is but I enjoyed listening to this this morning while I did some sudoku and data entry for work. I quit smoking a little over 2 weeks ago… I'm reaching out for anything that will help me stay on the path and stay POSITIVE while on the path. <3 Thank you!

  6. Listened only once and it might be in my head but I can smell and taste the smoke for the first time in years…. Hopefully I will be able to stay this way. Thank you so much!

  7. I’ve quit a few times and the best thing anyone can do is go COLD TURKEY. That’s right. Not even one. Just stop buying and stop thinking about it. After a week you’ll have no cravings. After 2 weeks you will stop liking the smell. You can’t pick one up not even just for fun or you will go back. You must stop completely. Of you can manage that you will be all good. I did it with vapor pens with no nicotine.

  8. Thank you for this binaural beat, though I have used it in the recent past to quit several times yes but after a few months I just start to smoke again. I hope this time I can quit for certain even if it is only 6 months or so, I can reach my end goal and go forth as a pushing point. Today i am ready at taking action!! I actually am feeling motivated. Rest assured I will be OK!!

  9. I been smoking for 14 years and I just noticed as of today alot have changed since them 14 years. My highschool friends I used to smoke cigarettes with is either dead or in prison for Life, the love of my life 14 years ago only thing we share today is our 3 beautiful kids. Only thing stayed the same is Cigarettes maybe the reason why I held on too them so long. With all the changes my life have endured over the years might as well add a bad habit too it lol. Wish me luck, I will update this post as more time passes.

  10. I hv had some success with ‘Lucid Dreaming’ but something about this tone gives me a migraine 🤷‍♀️ I hv degenerative discs so I think it’s just my own issue but if others similarly feel the same thought I’d mention it ~

  11. I AM getting off smoking because I realized my friends and I will keep getting into fighting until I quit. What is your reason for quitting smoking? I hope we make it!

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