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What Every Over 50 Woman Needs To Know About Weight Training


What Every Over 50 Woman Needs To Know About Weight Training is there are three specific types of resistance training activities to include in her weekly format. For bone density, muscle maintenance, balance, agility, reaction skills and a body that can work, play and live there are different levels of weight, and definitions of what makes them safe.

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  1. new info disputes the first one, heavy.. all the advice/info i've been getting says you're better off to do long sets of not-heavy weights. This video is showing its age, newer studies and practices have superseded this information. Knowledge & understanding of health and nutrition is always developing, and what was 'true' five years ago may no longer be so.

  2. What do you mean by fatigue with in 10 reps getting hard to do or cant do one mone rep? I am going to try to go from where i am 75 lbs over wieght at 205 to body building i am 50 and not extremely seditary but some what seditary i do not work i am widowed 3 yrs now single havent worked in 15 yrs went from full time care taker my husband had copd and congestive heart failure. To too much time on my hands so i have the time for this but dont know where to start with diet and exercise i have went on diets and lost 50 lbs 3 x in 15 yrs last time wasnt really a diet it was grief i lost 50 just to gain 70 within 7 months i lost the last 50 very very quick like 4 months not only did my husband die (12/31/15) my brother shot himself (2/6/16) survived just to die in a house fire 13 months later 3/22/17 i am a recovering addict sober sense 2/22/12 i need more to focus on i now live with my daughter and 2 grand children have nothing but time on my hands and if i have too much time on my hands she takes advantage of my time all the time. So i have all the time i need to devote to getting healthier

  3. Thanks so much! Very helpful. Tried increasing weights with lifting and squatting. Knees hurt. Wondering if I need to just stick w it and the muscles around my knee will improve OR do I back off?

  4. The main cause of calcium loss is eating products made from beings that have been killed (meat, eggs, dairy). There are other causes but this is the main one. Meat is acidic and leaches calcium from the bones. By not eating meat, dairy or eggs you will keep that calcium. Of course do the weights anyway, just in case but now there is a safety net.

  5. Well explained and my PT agrees. I'm not 50 yet, but am approaching 50. I have noticed my recovery is not as good as it used to be. Particularly with my joints (stiffness, sore knees). Is this normal? I suppose the obvious answer is to get an MRI on my joints and check how much cushioning is left? And if it comes out as not much cushioning, does this have an impact on weight training (or do I have to surrender to swimming in a pool)?

  6. …dont forget that anyone starting out needs to condition the muscles first for 6-8 weeks to prevent injury from lifting heavier than they can handle. Im all for weight training, i do it every day, but newbies need to be careful.

  7. One thing I having hard time with difference between right and left biceps.   Use same weights on both arms but left keeps getting inches faster than right bicep. Have a few ideas but need to have your advice from someone who can get me on right rack. Also how many reps and what is the proper weight using between 5 & 15 pound Dumb bells. Think I should go for more reps other than weight. Any advice will help.

  8. hahahaha…small pink dumbbells, I'm laughing. Seriously, I love your videos. I am getting back into the weights which I love doing anyway, after a back injury (that was really hip alignment issue that I can fix myself). I have serious knee issues (subliming patella's) both knees and cannot afford to not be able to walk. Most of my weight lifting began years ago because of my then great doctor, Dr Kerlan (Kerlan Jobe Medical Clinic in Los Angeles. Thank you again, I have subscribed and will enjoy these videos I am certain.

  9. Thank you for the informative video. I was wondering what exactly the power part entails? Is it lifting a heavy weight quickly, then setting it down slowly? If you get the time to answer this, I thank you in advance.

  10. I started using NerdFitness academy's approach to getting stronger when I needed to go on a high adventure camping trip with my Boy Scouts to Northern Tier in the boundary waters area of MN in the dead of winter. I realized I was going to die if I didn't get in shape. (Funny, but possibly true?)
    I found numerous modifications for all of the exercises. I was unable to do a bodyweight squat, a plank, a push-up, a lunge because of osteoarthritis in my knees and poor strength. I'm happy to say that after six months of regular exercise 2 to 3 to 4 times a week including adding some yoga ad lib., and not worrying about weight loss but focusing on strengths, I am able to do three sets of 15 bodyweight squats, three sets of 20 lunges, incline push-ups. My goal is to be able to do a push up.
    The key is discipline. I started out motivated (I did not want to be unable to get up after falling while snow shoeing in the frozen tundra) but now I am still at it.
    DoctorDiva (53 yrs old)

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