Tour this colorful multi-catio menagerie featuring 4 catios and 70 feet of catwalk tunnels created for some lucky cats. The fur friends can follow the sun from the backyard to the front yard enjoying fresh air and birdwatching while their mom delights in the “garden art” addition to her home.

Designed by Catio Spaces. www.CatioSpaces.com

Catio Spaces designs and builds outdoor cat enclosures and offers a variety of DIY Catio Plans for cat owners who want to build their own catio.

Founder Cynthia Chomos, a catio designer and general contractor, started Catio Spaces out of a desire to keep her cat safe, healthy and happy outdoors while protecting birds and wildlife.

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  1. Thats all nice that the cats are safe and can be in the sun and fresh air all good.But such a waste of hard work and a shame that your cats never get to be on the ground and touch grass to me the whole ideal of a catio is that they get to touch the ground safely and roll in the grass and smell it.Not many who build these catios understand that the ground is whats missing in an indoor cats life.

  2. I Love this so much, that it inspired me to build one around my koi fish pond. But I will put a frame around the pond with chicken wire over the pond. The fish will be far away from the cats. It will be above and around the pond. I needed something to keep the blue Herons out of my pond.

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