No longer confined to watching wildlife from behind patio doors, three lucky cats enjoy fresh air and the stimulation of the best cat TV ever (birds and squirrels!)…while safe in their window catio. Life is good in a catio!

Designed and built by Catio Spaces. www.CatioSpaces.com

Catio Spaces designs and builds outdoor cat enclosures and offers a variety of DIY Catio Plans for cat owners who want to build their own catio.

Founder Cynthia Chomos, a catio designer and general contractor, started Catio Spaces out of a desire to keep her cat safe, healthy and happy outdoors while protecting birds and wildlife.

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    Collars & tags can get ensnared & strangle pets!
    They can also die by strangulation if a limb slips up through the collar & they can't pull the limb out.
    We've seen many cases & report's of this happening.

  2. Lovely yard but, I think you should have a bigger catio around the garden. So that the cats can also feel the grass. Since you have lovely garden the cats could enjoy it much more. I think its unfair they have a small catio.

  3. You can train and walk with your cat and keep them away from Birds bunnies whatever they want to chase mice ….you can train them not to do that and you can stick with them on a leash and coyotes won't approach you. I do it with mine been doing it for 12 years .A lot of people don't think you can train cats you can train them to do absolutely anything ! We have a s*** ton of coyotes behind us and they come up for dinner but they won't come up on me with my cat

  4. This is to the 3 people who were trying to shave the matts out of the black cat whose name was Baylee. It said at the end of the video that there was no way for me to write to you. So I will do it this way. I am not a vet but, if I was I would have put the kitty that needed to be shaved in a light twlight sleep. This way it would not made him or her anious thru the ordeal. We never do know what repercussions this will have on the kitty futher into it's life. I am just a very concerned lover of all kitty kats. I have 7 of them and the only thing that I still use to break up a fight is a water squirt bottle. Usually 3 squirts does the trick and they stop their fighting. Sincerely Linda McCartney

  5. The catio is so small. If I had that yard I would build an extension and connect the two spaces with a tunnel. I like this company’s designs and I think they could be expanded…

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