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DIY Skinny Tea | Detox, Lose Weight & Feel Great Using Safe, Natural, Healthy Ingredients


Here’s my natural DIY weight-loss tea that is also beneficial for your health and can help you with your weight loss and detox, goals! Many products on the market can contain unsafe amounts of caffeine and give you stomach aches. Some red flags include “miracle” and “gardenia cambogia” which is not regulated. My recipe includes green tea which has an antioxidant call catechin that aids in reducing body fat and cholesterol. Matcha contains more catechin than any other kind of tea. Other ingredients are hibiscus tea, lemongrass tea and dandelion root. You can store the tea mixture for up to six months in an airtight container.

– 1 ounce of green Sencha Tea //
– 1/2 ounce Dried Hibiscus flowers //
– 1/2 ounce Dried Lemongrass //

1. Mix the teas and herbs in a bowl and transfer to an airtight canister (better in an airtight tin or opaque jar because teas are light sensitive.)
2. Place 2 tsp in a small teapot or ball strainer.
3. Let it steep for 5 minutes in just-boiled water.
4. Serve with a little liquid stevia and/or a slice of lemon. *You can drink up to 5 cups a day.

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