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KC3Lady Kelly Extended Family of Origin (FOO) Decedents and Jurisdiction-Jumping


This is just a quick video introducing some basics, including a brief listing of the known decedents in my extended family of origin whose deaths need to be investigated as homicides, and a couple of aspects of the jurisdiction-jumping stalker “game.” I have still not received a response or the requested unredacted coroner and police reports regarding my late brother, Gail “Bo” Thomas Schrader’s December 2006 death from KCMO.

Please note: I was told, “We’ve chosen your disease.” in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, and repeatedly had psychos trying to inject me. So, Mercedes death also needs to be investigated, and the welfare of her mother Kim and the entire family checked on.

Please note the tactic of drugging and/or spraying someone with drugs, in this instance me, then threatening to arrest them for drug use or planting and possession. I am mad as hell that my body has been forced to endure more than two years of being drugged (and/or poisoned) by these creatures (who should have been incarcerated years ago) on a daily basis due to the incompetence of law enforcement, let alone to be accused of putting the crap in my body. I have never even smoked pot in my entire life, and I hate drugs.

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