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MY BIGGEST PR UNBOXING HAUL EVER *not clickbait* | Roxette Arisa


Alright guys today’s video is literally my biggest PR unboxing haul ever!!! It took me over 7 hours and a span of like 3 days to film this video because there was so much new makeup😂 I know you guys have always liked my makeup pr hauls so I had to do an updated one with all of the new makeup I got while I was in Europe for a month! Sooo whenever I upload these I always get questions on how to get free makeup or questions about free makeup beauty gurus get but the what PR is, is product sent out so youtubers or influencers can test out product and give our honest opinion. So if you’re new to my channel, the way I usually do my pr unboxings is that I unbox all of the new makeup, then go through some of the launches, swatch them, tell you guys about them etc. And then I’ll use them in tutorials and stuff so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe & turn your notifications on if you want to see these products in action!💘

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My go-to Hair Mask by ST. TROPICA:

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  1. hey girl! i have always wanted to start a youtube channel for as long as i can remember, but i haven’t had the money to buy a camera or afford a laptop just yet so i’m going to start out with using my iphone and imovie on my phone also. i watch your videos ALL the time and i am obsessed with your channel. i love makeup so much and i would love to influence all kinds of people with the skills i’ve gained. do you have any tips for me as a beginner??? if so that would be great!!! 🥰

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