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Written, Produced and Directed by J.A. Alvarado
First Assistant Production and Direction: Roberto Serna
Photography and Editing: J.A. Alvarado
Music: Alastair Cameron
Starring: José Ochoa Pagaza, Rosa Ninfa Ochoa del Valle,
Alejandra Sánchez Acevedo and José Jorge Ochoa del Valle
Running Time: 8 min aprox.

How many times we know exactly what to say, but throw it away out of fear?

This is the story of a man who collects lost words and transforms them into beautiful paper figures, so they can get to their destination.

alfProducciones proudly presents a short film about fantasy in a real world, where pieces of paper come to life in the shape of beautiful creations.

Free Film Music (cameronmusic.co.uk) by Alastair Cameron is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

More info and Link available on alfproducciones.com.mx

An alfProducciones production © 2011 All Rights Reserved.


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