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  1. Hello, I have a dodge Dakota and my window went off track as well. I'm not a mechanic at all but I'm not a rich man as well, would your video (this) would help my situation as well or is it a different process for truck Windows..?

  2. I just did this on my 2017 Malibu.It was a bitch.The bracket had no adjustment bolt to move it freely so I got a 5and 1 tool and pushed it against bracket until it gave enough to manipulate window back in groove with the help of silicone spray.Thanks for the video gave me a visual gist of what I could expect which made job a lot easier I think

  3. Any chance you could do the rear lol i got my panel off but with the vapor barrier in place as well as the interior metal cover its very hard to see what is happening. Any info would be much appreciated thanks

  4. Yea i the sama yet Dig this I just got my 2004 it's green 4sp. Alto. Strate 6 in L.. my Dilet tag s clear yet so I can't Vin .my ride yet my Diler sole me an. .s.u.v. envoy my sticker Vin status a payLode mvp wonder whatever I bought

  5. I drive a 2014 Chevy Cruze and yesterday morning the driver side window was frozen shit, and being the genius that I am, I thought repeatedly trying to put the window up and down really quickly would make it open, but instead I think it either broke something or came off the track. I have no idea what I did, but the motor still works because I can hear something moving, but the window stays frozen shut. I have no clue what to do and I'm sure if I try fixing it, I'll just make it worse. Of course all the other windows opened just fine.

  6. Yes it does I have to see on my car if I have that bolt. I messed up and took those 2 window screws out but the window didn't come out of the brackets so I should be able to put the screws right back in…I'll update and let u know how it went…thanks

  7. My voyagers drivers side window needs the clip that holds it on the track for the back of the window. Front one is fine. Are they hard to do & where do I take it if so? To a mechanic or a auto glass place. Ty for your help.

  8. Dude… the quickest most useful non bullshit video about sidewindows ive seen so far and i thank you man, i was even wondering about the barrier thing too haha this is the Exact vid i needed man

  9. Thanks for putting this up. I thought it was the window guides so I took off the door panel and the window would then roll down. I thought it was the regulator.
    BTW some how all 4 doors are off the track !? Thanks again.

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