Here in this video I am diagnosing and repairing a no start Toyota Cressida. There are mainly four things to check for a no start car. First is Spark, Second is Fuel supply to engine, Third is Compression and fourth and least is Timing of the engine. Here I am going to check them step by step to solve no start problem and let us see on which step we are reaching to our no start result.

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  3. Hello sir mere pass Skoda Fabia hai petrol ambient version wo car pickup nhi lerahi first second gear me
    Or start bhi late ho rahi
    Rpm sahi work car Raha he
    Koi mechanic sahi fault nhi bata paraha he

  4. Hi sir, i have a 1988 toyota cressida glx-i with fuel injection.. the engine is wasteful of fuel, it consumes about 5 litres for approximately 20km.. the car wont start before, and after finding out the problem, i found that the injector socket is not plugged correctly and dirty by crust.. so i remove the socket, clean it up, and replugged it.. the car start with smoothly.. but a few days later i realised that the car is consuming too much fuel. the engine is 1G-EU.. how can i fix that? pls answer 😉

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