Former cat Chester got into all kinds of trouble outdoors so when three kittens were adopted, they were kept indoors until the backyard deck was transformed into a catio. The kittens now enjoy life in a catio with their cat mom and family dog, too!

Designed and built by Catio Spaces. www.CatioSpaces.com

Catio Spaces designs and builds outdoor cat enclosures and offers a variety of DIY Catio Plans for cat owners who want to build their own catio.

Founder Cynthia Chomos, a catio designer and general contractor, started Catio Spaces out of a desire to keep her cat safe, healthy and happy outdoors while protecting birds and wildlife.

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  1. Luv the last scene! The cat looks a lot like my baby boy Ginger, even down to the facial expressions πŸ˜€. A catio is def on my wish list for my future retirement home. Thank you!

  2. This is truely a revolution in how cats can exist in and outdoors without
    being exposed to the dangers of roaming. You see more and more
    videos of catios and enclosures, many amazingly elaborate. All to
    the absolute benefit of the cats but also to the joy of the owners
    and safety of the animals who live nearby. I have several friends
    planning to build catios, what a great thing!

  3. I have 3 cats also that love the forest we live in,but the poison oak doesn't love my skin! Now,the kitties have been band of the forest 😭
    Now I find myself not even wanting to go outside cus my kitties can't come with me 😒
    They need a catio! Thank you for sharing…we will be in the forest together again real soon πŸ’šπŸŒ²πŸŒ³

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