Electric window stopped working? Most cars are like this Landrover Freelander1 (front window) in having a cable operated mechanism and electric motor. When they get over 10 or 15 years old they can get a bit stiff and suffer a few problems. This one would go down but not up.
This video starts with everything dismantled. I’ts easier to dismantle than put back together, right?! I detail cleaning up and fixing the dismantled electric motor and gears, then reassembling everything back into the door, including the tricky cable setup. For guidance on dismantling look at the video showing assembly then do that in reverse for dismantling.
So, what tools do you need? A pozidrive screwdriver, small flat bladed screwdriver, a 10mm spanner and some Torx head screwdriver bits with handle.

Here are places to buy the Torx screwdriver bits:
On Amazon USA:
On Amazon UK:

The complete cable, runners and gear set (with or without motor) are now available cheaply on eBay and amazon, also just the cables.
Here for instance on eBay UK:
Or Loads of different sets on Amazon UK:
And Amazon USA:

Moly Grease for lubricating:
Amazon U.K.:
Amazon USA:

Rubber/Nitrile gloves (it can be messy otherwise!):
Amazon UK:
Amazon USA:

Cobalt drills (handy for cleaning out copper bearings)
On Amazon USA:
On Amazon UK:

Or you could use eBay if you prefer, searching for those keywords, for instance here the cobalt drill bits on eBay:
Ebay USA:
Ebay UK:

Just search for the other stuff like screwdrivers on either Amazon or Ebay using the links above to get you to the sites quickly.

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  1. what a brilliant informative video.Thankyou so much for this.My freelander front left passenger door window is stuck in the down position so now i will try all these things,starting with the switch..thankyou!!! very well filmed and very concise!!

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