Here is how you can retrieve the radio serial number and code for a 2005 Honda Civic.

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  1. Thanks a bunch!!! Your awesome!! I got the Serial Number so easy then I went to the Radio navigate Honda, put my S/N in along with VIN and instant success. Awesome!!! Just put code in radio and music again

  2. Thank u soooo much for sharing this video.. I was able to get the S/N called a number the dealership gave me n they asked me for my info my Vin number and mileage n then gave me my code n BAM i got my radio back yey!!!! So thank u for this

  3. I get radio to work but then I have to do it over again but I haven't put code into it and don't know how. I do have the thing but it won't let me put it in for some reason

  4. No need to call a Honda dealership! Get your radio serial number as the video demonstrates, your VIN and go to https://radio-navicode.honda.com/. Enter the VIN, serial number and Honda kindly provides your radio code! and a navigation system code if applicable. The radio code has 6 digits, which you enter when powering on the radio, using the numbered buttons on the radio console. Good luck!

  5. Fala meu amigo sou do Brasil e não falo inglês, então não entendi muito sua explicação será que vc pode desinflar o código do meu aparelho é de um Civic 2005/2006 o código é 4018/8905.

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