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Product Overview: M2R KMXR125 125cc 17/14 86cm Green Dirt Bike


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The KMXR125 pit bike is new for the 2019 season.

Being CRF70 based these bikes are bigger than the equivalent CRF50 range by around 10cm in seat height, making them much more comfortable for adults and teens when riding “in the seat”. This 17/14 big-wheeled version has a seat height of 86cm.

125cc 4-stroke engine
It features a 125cc 4-stroke air cooled engine. For pure performance reasons, the gearbox has been fitted with a racing pattern sequence. Neutral at the bottom, then 1-2-3-4 gears up. And for quick restarts the engine is kick-in-gear, so can be started in gear rather than shifting to find neutral.

Reinforced Black SDG Hubs
Reinforced black SDG Hubs, have been laced with stainless steel chrome spokes, anodised silver spoke nipples and strong reinforced powder coated black steel rims. Super chunky block pattern knobbly motocross tyres offer awesome off-road grip. A strong setup right there.

Hydraulic M2R RACING Front Forks
The trick anodized silver inverted hydraulic M2R RACING front forks work well, feel great and have plenty of travel keeping the front wheel planted where it’s needed. Black CNC triple clamps are latest design from M2R.

M2R RACING Adjustable Rear Shock
The M2R RACING rear shock is spring adjustable, works well, and offers great feedback to the rider. The standard sizing means a wide choice of performance upgrades are easily available such as Fastace and DNM.

Toned Gripped Seat
A nice touch at no extra charge is a gripper seat, copied from motocross, it helps the rider keep seated in one position, rather than slipping back and forth along the seat.

Extended Aluminium Swing Arm
The chassis also features an extended swing arm which helps with stability at speed over whoops and ruts. Alloy construction so super strong but lightweight compared to steel.

Vented Brake Disks
If you’re going fast then you want to be able to stop fast. Fitted up front is the same twin pot hydraulic front brake as fitted to our factory works spec supermoto race bikes, including a huge 220mm heat dissipating vented wavy front disc. The rear brake, also hydraulic, is a single pot, again coupled up to a vented 190mm wavy disc.

Snap Back Levers
Snap back levers help prevent breakage in the event of an off by folding back on themselves.

Boomer Boost

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