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What I've Learned In 1 Year of Lifting Weights!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a personal trainer or a fitness professional. This is just me sharing my experience after one year of lifting weights on my own (without a trainer) for the results that I personally wanted for my body. If you love cardio/classes/circuits and you’re happy with your body then that’s amazing and please don’t take offence.



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  1. This is a great video. For sure the best part of weight lifting is that is there is always a very clear goal, and when you hit that goal you feel strong and awesome.

  2. Love your channel! Weight lifting is awesome and you look amazing! Would love it if you checked out my first video I just uploaded about my fitness transformation & how I lost over 35lbs! <3

  3. That's true, lifting weights is the only way of being the best version of you. Genuine video. Experience is more important than learning

  4. Are you using the same exercises for a longer time or are you changing up? I'm starting (again) and now I want to do the same exercises for 2 or more months..every now and then I will do havier reps.
    Thank you for your information💕

  5. Nothing makes your body look better, whether male or female, then lifting heavy weights 8 to 12 reps. She is absolutely right. Full weightlifting routine is what every girl should be doing. Ignorance is why girls just do cardio stuff. Sheer ignorance

  6. If you’re looking for good inspiration to push yourself, watch The Titan Games. The women on there are so bad ass. And they don’t let the women do lighter weights than the men. They have to do the exact same stuff and it’s awesome!

  7. What amazes me is girls at the gym lift these light weights and i can see it's easy for them, i have way more testosterone and that training wouldn't give me any gains so how do THEY expect it. You need to use progressive overload just like guys, the results will not be the same you won't get bulky

  8. Thank you so much for this video 🙏 totally relate to everything you said. Joined the gym a few months and only do cardio and I know I’m not pushing myself and of course not seeing any results, will defo be trying the weights from now on 🤞🏻😁x

  9. I know we should push ourselves but i get scared cus i think I’m hurting my muscles. For example with the lat pulls, i can do push myself to do heavyweights (not super extreme heavy) but I feel like i am not doing it correctly and hurting myself :/ any advice?

  10. I'm so happy you mentioned always being hungry. I'm 4 weeks into weight training and I started to freak out when I realized I'm eating more than I used to. I'm used to being naturally skinny because I rarely get hungry. But seeing your before and after has motivated me to keep going and not let the hunger scare me. Thank you.

  11. Girl I just need your routine written out. It’s great and all to get into weights but idk where to start. I need a set of things to follow for upper body/lower body

  12. I needed this video – THANK YOU! I’ve just started lifting weights and am having trouble shaking my cardio mindset. I’ll keep pushing!!! Awesome transformation pics 👏🏻

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