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7×7 Week 45: 01/07/15 – 01/13/15


1) Had a long day of classes, got to pull the fire alarm and make 750 students evacuate a building, answered questions at a future RA panel, was on call all night, and played Munchkin with TJ, Jemma, and Alani. 2) Went to my sexy photo shoot for the University, had some rezzies help me eat a pomegranate, then got to see Miriam before she flew away to Paris for 6 months. 3) Survived the first week of Winter term, played MAOW at Samuel’s, went to Eliza’s and saw some old friends (Megan smells good), then went back to Samuel’s and got skunked in cribbage. 4) Had brunch with Eliza and Megan, worked on the MRA application, Went to Funagain with TJ, learned how to tap dance and do pointe ballet, experienced the 13th and Olive club room, then stayed up watching How I Met Your Mother. 5) Had breakfast with the lovely Sam Town, went in the basement of Willamette to look at Andy’s shweet laser, played Magic with TJ and Matt (an RLC), lead a quick community meeting with my rezzies, then played Star Munchkin with TJ and James. 6) Woke up on a Monday way too tired, had my pants on backwards most of the day, then watched the National Championship at Samuel’s house. We lost, and I seemed to be one of the few people that didn’t get emotionally scarred. 7) Discussed the meaning of a perfect burrito with my old RA Jeff, found a new study buddy at the computer lab, went to a UO Miracle meeting, then straight to a staff meeting, then got the delicious Oreo milkshake with TJ.

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