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Akl Trix 2 MBC Tv Show 2016


Akel Trix is Tv show on Mbc 1 Ramadan 2016
(Cooking program presented to the network channels (MBC), deals with cooking by ordinary people in an entertaining way, easy, light, and healthy, where starts tricks for the kitchen to facilitate your life, in addition to reviewing recipes of different foods, with the provision of information here and there nourish your mind.)
Title : Akl Trix 2 MBC tv show 2016
CLEINT : Aram tv
Art Director: Mazin azmy
Concept Art & Illustrations :Ali sabry . Ahmed ElAlfy . Hassan Ashour . Mohamed gamil
Animation : Omar Mamdouh. Amr Abuel-ela .Ahmed ElAlfy . Hassan Ashour . Mohamed gamil.Amr Moustafa
Sound Effects : Khaled Abo zeid
Editor : Yasser Azmy

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