Home Pets I made a dog ramp. Srs

I made a dog ramp. Srs



*** Plywood, paint, carpet, hinges, staple gun, drill. ***

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  1. I love projects like that. Trial and error, using logic to visualize what needs to be done, then picking the brains of the Home Depot (old school) employees, applying it to your thoughts and then going for it! That rocks. My project right now is a foldable trailer 4×8 (wxl). Length boards have hinges for storage simplicity. Good job bro!

  2. Wow! Love It! this is exactly what I need, my pom doesn't like stairs. This was a great video! Sorry about your finger puncture and then you smashing your fingers lolol Too Funny! Sorry. Thank You for the video!

  3. They can't get off the bed on that side though? Love the idea. I have a chocolate lab so he can just jump up and down but I know one day he is going to need help. Maybe I could build one on the very end of the bed where our feet would be. Build it perpendicular to the bed. Good stuff.

  4. you may want to put a third leg on that so it could be more sturdy when the dog is running up that ramp , it's going to want to tip over to the side.

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