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Make an Air-Powered Organic Pool Skimmer


Natural Swimming Pools are kept clean by plants, not chemicals and are healthy environments for both people and wildlife. This film is a guide to making your own.
David Pagan Butler’s DIY Organic Pools films have introduced Natural Swimming Pools to a global audience with over 5 million views on Youtube,
“Thank you so much for your video. I have to say I think I have gotten more satisfaction out of this project than anything Ive ever done. We are in it every day. It has me motivated, curious, joyful, and in touch with the forces of nature. I’m completely enriched. I am a window washer by trade and work long, hot hours this time of year. Coming home and plunging in the pool and watching all these animals go about their life is extremely therapeutic for me. It is a place where I reconnect with my family and nature.”
Adam, Pittsboro, NC USA

“This evening, my wife and I and our younger son had our first BBQ in the new pond area. It was spectacular…relaxing, mesmerizing… As I took it all in, I thought of you and your process.
From the bottom of my heart…simply…thank you!”
Tom, Canada

David Pagan Butler takes you through two projects step by step. The first one is how to build a plunge pool, a nature reserve that you can swim in too.
The second part of the film shows how you can make a much larger natural swimming pool. Again he shows you how to make the pool in detail but critically he also shares his mistakes so you can benefit from his experience. Made by a professional film maker who is also a hands-on practitioner, this film shares all the information you need to enable you to build a beautiful natural swimming pool that is also a valuable wildlife habitat.

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