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Sleep meditation to fall asleep fast, guided sleep hypnosis for stress relief


This deep sleep meditation will help with stress and worries, whilst also taking your mind somewhere else.
Fall asleep fast with this sleep meditation. Using a body scan method to help with deep relaxation, this hypnosis audio will help you to drift off.

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  1. It would be great if you could subscribe to my channel, if you want to be notified of new uploads click "all" notifications on the bell button and you will be notified every time I upload, Thanks, christian

  2. ❤️ Christian could you make something on driving in a car something relaxing . I have such a hard time with anxiety for driving .. something like doing a visualization? ❤️❤️

  3. I'd love a meditation to make the worries of work muscel strain and tention mixed with binural beats to help sleep it's something everyone feels after a hard Day's work I'd love you to take these thoughts into consideration

  4. I'm was visiting with my daughter when I got the notification. I have been telling them all how much you're video's have helped me through some tough times this year. From losing my mom, then breaking my hip. My mind would not stop, constant chatter. Now I'm sleeping instead of laying in bed restless all night. You are an Angel 😇 Christian. Thank you so much for all you do for helping me heal myself spiritually.

  5. Hi Star 🌟 💎. Thanks for your message 🙏. Appreciate your time 🦋.
    love this video Sure sounds relaxing & so much soothing music & your voice too. 🙌🦘😎
    Should work well tonight Gratitude 🙏 for your time to help us sleep 💤
    I’ve just finished a conference call in USA. My meditation course tutor 😀
    The phone dropped out so he had to reconnect 🙌
    I’ve got my antenna fixed now so hopefully that’s it for problems haha 😂
    *Focus & positive energy. Fear disappears *🦉
    Love 💓 & peace ☮️
    Hope you’re getting your rest now Lot of hours you’ve put in. Wow 🤩
    Have a great week 🌟. 💎
    Keep smiling 😀. Love 💚hugs 🙅‍♀️🦘🦋🕊🦉💖

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