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2 easy D.I.Y Hairstyles the LOVE ISLAND SPECIAL




  1. Dianne and molly-mae should do a hair tutorial stand off and Dianne would win all the time even tho I do love molly but Dianne is better wish Dianne was my hair dresser all the conference I would have but I've got really think and frizzy hair I think she would get sick and chop it all Off

  2. Please can you do a tutorial on how to braid your own hair? I can’t seem to ever get the angle right I I always end up holding it wrong and it ends up at a weird angle!! Love your videos ❤️

  3. Can u please do more of these, I’m trying to learn how to braid my hair fancy-ish like the innie and the outie one you done , can u please do it on “Sophie/molly-mae” and then do it on your self because it helps me a lot when doing my own hair and trying out new things xx ❤️❤️ Thanks Dianne ly X

  4. Just got tickets for 12 April 2020 – Birmingham- it’s my birthday on that day !!! Love your videos on your own and with Joe. I will definitely be trying those styles on my daughter ( 13 ) if she lets me ! 😂😀😂

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