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Big thanks to Pole Star Products Limited for their help with the explosion-proof fans.

Find the fans I use here –

Thanks for watching. In this video, I continue with the spray booth build. I make up the main door sceletons, the roof beams, and start the extraction system. I’m going to be making these workshop videos more frequent as I’m really pushing to finish it as soon as possible.

Tools & equipment used:

Quartz Lacquer –
FIber Glass Filter –
Base Coat Paint –
Rust Remover –
Workbenches –
Moldex Full Face Mask –
FGL 5 Spray gun –
A.N.I. R150-T Mini Spray gun –
Colad Washable Overalls –
Colad Mixing Cups –
Colad TurboMix Sticks –
Colad Synthetic Paint Strainers –
Steel wire bits –
Rotary Tool –
Concentrate Degreaser –
Mannesmann Socket Set –

Time Stamps:

00:00 – AutoDoc & Pole Star
00:50 – Where we left off
01:20 – Making the doors
03:55 – Making the roof beams
04:09 – Attaching the roof support beams
04:58 – Attaching the roof beams
05:24 – Starting the extraction box build
08:15 – Epic fail
08:25 – Painting the new walls
09:05 – Continuing with the extraction box
09:29 – Cutting the fan holes
09:57 – The fans I’m using
10:45 – Wiring up the fans
11:31 – Installing the fans
11:39 – Cutting the mesh
12:27 – Fitting the Mesh
12:43 – Sealing the box
13:22 – Sealing the fans
13:48 – Cutting the filter
14:13 – Securing the filter
14:41 – FIrst Test

I am a complete amateur. I have no prior experience in any trade or schooling.

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  1. You should put the chimene in site the pain booth because you going to need that heat in site the pain booth unless you buy another chimene and just hook it up to the one you have one for the booth and one for the shop

  2. You should've to paint your workshop yellow and black. A few parts maybe made with red firebricks. That would look cool. Those colors are doesn't make sense and doesn't ignite to working instinct even if it is brighter.

  3. Suggestion to improve the design: Add a slot for the filter material so you can drop new material in when replacing it, without removing the staples. Use OSB or ply for the top, those fans will weaken the wall board. Other than that, great work, never thought to make your own set up and now I am wondering what I could come up with.

  4. It was possible to make a second layer of the grid – removable (for example, on the latches) .. and then each time remove the grid by opening the brackets to change the filter. Hello from Crimea, we are also hot +27C !

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