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Will lifting weights really stunt your growth? Is there any truth to this long held claim? Or is it just like other misconstrued information or myth running around? Come find out!

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  1. The studies you used are from 2006, they don't consider RSI on children/young adults and how it affects them in their adult hood. There's also a common misconception of proven studies vs how many of their select sample population reports injury or a stunted growth. Stunting growth is not limited to height, it could be a localized muscle you injuried when you were a kid and you now walk with a limp for the rest of your life. Misuse is the most common injury at gym especially at younger ages, ofc exercise is always healthy there is no study that wouldn't say that it isn't, but it's that young age range that is the most lethal. With or without adult supervision they are very impressionable and likely to ego lift. It's also very likely at that age that many injuries would go unreported for the very same reason.

  2. Something to point out is that estrogen can cause epiphyseal plates closure earlier. Lifting weights can increase testosterone therefore more estrogen via testosterone to estrogen conversion

  3. thank you man ive this doubt since a long time im 18 started lifting at 17 almost 18 and with 7 months on the gym i had this doubt also to avoid that and get stronger and healthy I started taking vitamin d and zinc. im working as a beast now finally šŸ˜€

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