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Fujifilm X Pro 3 Unboxing (Japan Box)


Keep in mind this is what you get inside the Japanese box and regions may differ for whats included.
Give me a sub and check out my other videos. I will be producing better content for this camera and other Fujifilm gear in the future.
Ofcourse my Street POV videos I will keep uploading. Next will be Seoul so check that out too.


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  1. Hello Alex, thank you for the video! And i wanted to ask, what is your choice of lenses for street photography with X-Pro 3? As this will be my first Fuji camera, i'm thinking about a little bit wider 23mm f2 as a classic focal length for street and then 50mm f2, so i have the option of short telephoto, with more reach and occasion portrait work.
    I would like to have at least one option with WR and at the same time i do not want to go crazy right away and buy more than two lenses.

  2. It seems that you have similar dents on the top plate (near On) as others mentioned online. I made once in the past the mistake to be an early adopter (aka beta tester) and i've learned the hard way to purchase my gear after a couple of years of release with a discount.Anyway ,nice video enjoy this lovely camera.

  3. Seems like the American box might be including the same items inside. I checked Adorama and other sites and ya, no wall charger! Thats too bad as I like using the OEM charger for OEM batteries. So that means 1 at a time.. >_<

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