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How To Begin Weightlifting pt. 2 | Programming


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In this video I go over the proper outline for an absolute beginner in Olympic lifting. The programming process for novice weightlifting is very different from that of a typical strength , powerlifting , or bodybuilding program.

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  1. Sir i am a big fan for your channel it helped me a lot buy can u help me with dobut of mine i snatch 83 c&j 105, body weight of 58kg and i use dynamic ‘pump start ‘ position, my techinque is not that great should i switch to a static start for better technique or continue the dynamic start and try to improve it , please help me in this regards.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH coach ZT! I've been trying to start weightlifting for a while but didn't really feel I knew what I was doing. You've laid it out so simply and now I have no excuses! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. I’ve been pronouncing your last name as “tee-lander” in my head for two years 😂 I guess I’ve missed a video where you’ve said it or it’s been announced in competition. Would’ve never guessed it was actually “Tuh-lund-er”.

  4. Thank you for the info! How do you distinguish between who is a "beginner" and who is "intermediate" in weightlifting? I realize there is no strict distinctions, but is there a way to do so based on kilos lifted in Snatch and C&J?

  5. Since us beginners suck ass at snatching, what if we can easily power snatch 75% of our max? Would you say just ride it to the bottom position or try to find a weight that’s more of a full snatch? Any input greatly appreciated

  6. That last part, yea you and Clarence actually got me into the weird world of weightlifting. I started with one of your Patreon programs and then did an online coaching sesh with Clarence. Got stronger, made some progress with my technique and gained an appreciation for how insanely difficult this sport is. Gonna keep grinding! So thank you!

  7. me: watching zack video
    also me: watching noob beginner wearing old school adidas leather lifters with wooden heel that are sold for 1000$ on ebay
    still me: ah for fuck sake
    me: cries in adipower 2

  8. You've convinced this lurker. I've been doing this Crossfit thing for about a year and a half. I like it, but i've especially enjoyed the Snatch and C&J. I'm starting my entire fitness thing late (mid 30s), i'm not strong, but throwing weight up over my head is fucking rad. I've been meaning to do an actual Weightlifting program for a while. This vid came at a perfect time for me. Thank you, very much, for putting it out there and offering an extremely accessible way to begin.

  9. Thank you Zack for this. I personally train Monday: Snatch, Wednessday C&J , and Friday: Snatch/miscs. I have mainly stick with 40kgs and warmups with barebell. Is there a way to crunch that 4th day to that 3 day per week ?

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