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How To Fix The Buttons on an Android Headunit


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  1. Hello, Bought an bmw e46 with an actual Eonon ga6150f unit. It seems the lower half of the touchscreen is inactive. This means to say I can not get at the settings icon to perhaps reset the unit.

    Is there anotherway to reboot the unit to factory settings which may or may not reactive the lower half of the touchscreen functions? To recap. The top part works fine and the screen itself is ok. But the lower touch screen section does not react to the finger touch.

    Niko van Os

  2. really depends on if the issue is hardware or software related. if its software. one company might have a more reliable app or shell program that runs it on top of the android OS.

  3. I've just installed a Chinese head unit for a Mk7 transit, everything work as it should, apart from the buttons don't light up at all, even with the lights on, I only got it today, and spent 3 hours removing my old radio and installing the new one.. Grrrr

  4. I screwed up and bought this for my Tundra and I’m going through a living hell trying to return it! I payed with PayPal and still can’t get my money back. Did you pay with paypal? Mine came in an amazon box and I’m refusing to ship back to China. Those bastards bought it off Amazon after I bought it off their website. Learned my lesson but I’m afraid I may never get my money back. Can’t get any blue tooth to work with my iPhone with this thing.

  5. Hello, I have a similar device like this one with software oreo(8.1).My car is a ford fiesta 2006 model.The problem who i'm trying to solve is that I can't change the panel of the colors. When I turn the lights on in the car, im trying to sellect any color i want from the panel(Element) but it doesn't let me to make my choice and the only color is give me is the red.I can adgust only this color.What is the problem and i can't change the colors?Do you think maybe its a software-hardware problem or a cable wiring problem?I try to make some changes in the settings with "RGB" options but I couldn't fix the problem. The installation was done by the specialized technician of the store where I purchased the device.Can you help me? Thanks.

  6. The factory code is not always 126, I have a android 6 based seicane and the code is 1617. I currently use a Android 8 based pumpkin unit and it works great, did have a Bluetooth problem with a Motorola Z2 force but once I switched to a 1+ 6t phone all issues went away.

  7. My similar unit works great, it’s cool because it looks oem and gives you some of the modern features we are all accustomed to these days. It may be a gamble for some however, shipping is fast therefore it won’t be too much of a hassle to ship it back for another one. Overall I think it is worth the trouble.

  8. Where it says BT in factory settings change it to SD or SP something like that instead of MD725 I never have connection issue calling or music playing… My only issue is music isnt as clear as aux or usb. Alil static on high vocals kinda annoying

  9. my buttons work fine so far but i have a different problem ..my steering wheel controls disappear after every boot..and i dont have canbus because its a grand vitara if anyone knows how to fix please let me know?

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