Pecan pie is such a simple pie to make yet so many people seem to struggle with getting the right balance of sweetness, the perfect firm, yet soft texture and the right nut-to-filling ratio. Yep, sometimes the easiest recipes can be a pain in the ass!

This homemade pecan pie recipe (with a few personal alterations) has been in our family for as long as I can remember. It’s a trusty old standby that hasn’t let me down yet. When newbies to the family taste it for the first time it gets a lot of “now that’s a pecan pie!” remarks. This recipe gets passed around a lot during the holidays and somewhere got the name “Ova Yonda Pecan Pie”. I’ve tried other pecan pies and this one continues to be my favorite. Easy, pure comfort.

What I love about this pecan pie recipe is that it starts with a flavorful, homemade crust that goes so well with pecan pies. The filling sets to perfection with a sweetly balanced caramel vanilla flavor. The toasted pecans are crunchy (none of those chewy pecans here!) It’s just a simple, well-balanced pecan pie.


Music by Kevin MacLeod

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