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Trailer – Incandescente 24hLuz


Incandescente is an encounter of art, science and cultures: bringing together urban art with new technologies, France with Brazil, street dance with live performance electronic music, and graffiti with digital visual imaging. It is a meeting of divergent worlds brought together by artists renowned within their own cultural domains: Cyrille Brissot, musician and software engineer at the “Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique Musique” (IRCAM) – Paris, specialist in capture of gesture and movement and its translation into electronic music and visual imaging, as well as musical producer in urban music; Marko-93, an artist who comes from world of graffiti, considered to be an icon in France in the areas of street art and light painting; Wagner José de Faria and João Paulo Félix da Cruz (JP) of the collective B.Boys, dancers and choreographers of street dance from the communities of Rio de Janeiro, winners of various awards and contests throughout Brazil.

Incandescente is a dance performance with dynamic visuals and sound in which new technologies interact with the body’s movements and gestures, integrating these various artistic languages and idioms to bring to the stage a creative interpretation of the day to day experiences of the “battles” of life in the communities of today’s modern cities: whether it be hip-hop or capoeira, Rio or Bahia or even in the outlying neighborhoods of Paris.

The images of the show, whether they are the video projections or those generated in real time by the performers with graffiti, dance and music, are working a juxtaposition that super-imposes the scenarios, displaying the differences and similarities. The digital integration, from the capture of gestures by light sources interacting with the video of city scenes and also the actual images of the dancer’s bodies and movements. The idea is that this mixture of sounds, light and images will provoke a reflection about each of our day to day experiences and the changes brought about by the digital culture, with an ever present vision of the possibilities of the transformation displayed in the artistic creation.

The development of technology, specifically of a digital culture, has transformed not only our relationship with art but also with our daily experience and our way of perceiving the world. Incandescente proposes a form of urban art and performance that dialogs with the possibilities of other interventions, with the body and its surroundings, determined by new technologies and their implications on our concept of body in culture and our own concept of art. Proportioned by the collaboration of artists from different cultures and sensibilities, in a form seductive and poetic, Incandescente suggests a critical posture to the relationship between contemporary mediums that provokes a reflection upon the way in which we see art as well as how we interpret our daily experiences.
Ensemble – Incandescente

Cyrille Brissot – Paris / France – 
Live Performance (Audio & Video) and Software Engineering
Marko 93 – Saint-Denis / France – 
Live Performance Light Painting Conception
Wagner Faria, JP-Black and B.Boy Shelter – Rio de Janeiro / Brazil – Hip Hop & Steet Dancers
Daniel Solis – Barcelona / Spain – 
Light Design Conception

Valecià Ribeiro – Bahia / Brazil – Art Direction and Graphics

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