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Building A Weightlifting Platform

Music Credit: “Pale Horse” -Patrick Walsh: Follow me on IG @untamedstrength Untamed Strength is a Powerlifting/Strongman gym in Sacramento, CA: Untamed Strength Apparel: Online Coaching:

How To Build Your Own Deadlift Platform w/ Your Logo

In this video I explain exactly how I made the deadlift platforms at Untamed Strength and how I put my logo on each one. -Stack two 4’x8′ sheets of 3/4″ plywood. Glue and drill. -Place one 4’x4′ piece of 3/4″ plywood on top, centered. Glue and drill. -Place two 2’x4′ pieces of 3/4″ horse stall […]

The BEST Program ever created!

Volume vs. Intensity, best program ever created

How To Correct a Slanted Platform

This video features Bill Coyne, owner of Kratos Strength Systems in Evanston, IL. He explains how he levels a weightlifting/deadlift platform on a slanted or sloped floor. Follow @Kratosstrengthsystems

Make Your Own Deadlift Blocks

In this video I show you how I made the deadlift blocks at Untamed Strength out of spare horse stall mats. Deadlift blocks can be used for block pulls or deficit deadlifts. Follow me on IG @untamedstrength Untamed Strength is a Strongman/Powerlifting Gym in Sacramento, CA www.trainuntamed.com

DIY Strongman Equipment/Workouts

In this video I demonstrate a few workouts that I used to do when I had limited equipment. You can make your own strongman equipment with junk if you are creative enough. Hopefully this video helps anyone in charge of group training, boot camps, strongman conditioning classes. Car tire sled, homemade axle bar, farmers handles, […]

PROGRAM REVIEW part 3: The Cube Method, Olympic Weightlifting Program

This is Part 3 of a 3 part series where I review some popular strength training programs that I have had experience with. I cover some pros and cons with each program as well as share some old lifting stories. Part 3: The Cube Method 0:00 – 4:11 Olympic Weightlifting Program: 4:12 – 10:21 ALL […]

Homemade Deadlift Band Pegs (DIY Attachement)

In this video I make homemade DIY deadlift band peg attachments. Great for banded deadlifts. You will need: -1 wooden deadlift platform -4 heavy duty surface mounts -4 heavy duty quick links -Lag screws Follow me on IG @untamedstrength Untamed Strength is a Powerlifting/Strongman gym located in Sacramento, CA