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DIY Homemade Reverse Hyper – Power Rack Setup

Unfortunately snowpacolypse has hit Michigan and this upload is being done on my iPhone. This is a simple setup and as you’ll watch it’s a multi-purpose bench. Homemade Bench Build: #homemade #reversehyper #liftingdad

Homemade Heavy Duty Workout Bench

This is a homemade / home built workout bench. I wanted to design something that was cost effective. Some pieces of the bench could be salvaged from other items at home (like the bench cover and padding, and possibly the wood itself). This bench is designed to meet the specifications of a powerlifting competition bench […]

Homemade DIY Squat Power Rack Dip Bars

These dip bars are made to fit a Power Rack (some often mistake a power rack for a squat rack). They will fit any power rack that has a 1″ hole. The squat rack in the video can be purchased here at Amazon: Pieces (galvanized pipe): 2 – 36″ x 3/4″ 2 – 12″ x […]