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Over charged your car ac system?

Links: Guardian Angel Safety Lights: Guilty Gear get yours here: The transportation industry is ever changing. Truck drivers need to stay fluid in the market place to maximize their skill sets. Learn from the past don’t stay in the past, adapt and overcome new obstacles. ————————————————————————————————————- BIO: Joseph Canell was a Merchant Marine “civilian Sailor” […]

3 Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes for Kids

Junk food just looks good doesn't it? I mean it's colorful, cream-filled, and just down right pleasing to the eyes . Take for example what my kids want for breakfast every morning. Without doing any name dropping here – it's cream-filled, has sprinkles and has the word sundae in it. I mean come on, what […]

How to repair window motor in any vehicle

this is a window motor from a 94 s10 blazer. when you put power to it the motor will turn about an 1/8 of an inch then nothing both ways. so i thought it was just the brushes were dirty and needed cleaned. found out that there was too much resistance in the connector and […]

Ordinary Girl – Victor Steele (X-Factor Edit)

Published on Aug 24, 2013 http://www.v-factor.com Featured CD & MP3s available from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/victorsteele Victor Steel writes:- “I had a great time making this, as I love to tell a story. Basically, X-Factor last year got me to sing something, and then criticised me heavily for singing it. The full story is here: http://victor-thediary.blogspot.com.a…. I was […]

10 Random Cooking Tips and Tricks

1. When it’s strawberry season, buy extra to freeze. Freeze them unwashed in zipper bags. They work great in winter time smoothies. Just take several out rinse and cut the top off and plop in the blender with a banana and orange juice. 2. Hate making bacon because of the splatter mess? Make it in […]

Awesome Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

I have always loved chicken fried steak. My family loves it, too. I hope you like it! It can be served as an appetizer, offered to guests from platters at a wedding, potluck, or special party. You really want to prepare that recipe for your family and/or friends. Go ahead! Ingredients of chicken fried steak […]

Made Easy – Achar Gosht

Log on to www.madeeasy.com.pk for more recipes!

"How to Draw Cars Like a Pro" – Is it Worth It?

Is “How To Draw Cars Like A Pro” still the best book on how to draw cars? There’s only so much you can get from looking at step by step car drawing pictures and this book doesn’t do much to help that. A lot of people are looking for better and more interactive ways to […]

Just another dance film.

Directed, Shot, Edited by: Max haben Performance by: Anna Pinault Music by Benjamin Gustaffson Last year I came across Anna’s instagram account where she often posts iphone videos of improvised dance routines that usually take place in spontaneous places. I could immediately tell how unique her skillset was and so I reached out to her […]

Bob Hope Stories

Once when he was a little boy in England, Leslie Hope (He later renamed himself Bob after a race car driver he idolized) wanted to pick an apple off a tree. Symbolic of his career, he didn’t want just any apple but the highest one possible. He lost his balance, fell and permanently changed the […]