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Shabba Dabba Da NYE 2010

“Coolest club night in London” iD Magazine As the smoke clears and recessionistas search for the newest hot-spot, Shabba-Dabba-Da gears London up for a boom-time party like no other! A Warholian interpretation of utopian enclave! Imagine the Blitz vs Studio 54– with Jacuzzis! Never ones to shy away from a massive party, Shabba Dabba Da […]

Dancing Emotional CPR (eCPR)

Lois T Brooks, eCPR Trainer, describes eCPR as an unfolding series of dances: “At first we engaged in a waltz—slow and formal, then a salsa—more energetic, yet more casual, and we ended in a tango—heartfelt and highly tuned to each other.” The metaphor of dancing highlights the dynamic, reciprocal nature of connecting and this description […]

3 Questions About Windshield Repair

Why does glass damage spread over time? Why repair my windshield instead of replacing it? Why use SuperGlass Windshield Repair? These questions and more, answered in this short informational video. Find out why it’s so important to repair your windshield quickly, how glass replacement can unnecessarily effect the environment, and how you can keep your […]

How I fixed my cars Air Conditioning!

my AC refused to power after the aux belt busted (meaning the compressor wasn’t turning) I tried everything and spent hundreds with professionals to get it back… eventually I did what I should’ve done for a low cost car and completed a work around. How to Fix Your Car’s Air Conditioner -Renault Car Air Conditioning […]