“The Britney Song”

Wickid Pissa is a Boston band that consists of Josh Mitchell, Patrick Ryan, and Tristan Rudat. You can buy an MP3 of this song by sending $1 via PayPal to – mitchmitchell24@hotmail.com Support indie art by tipping this video by clicking the tip jar above. Last night I had a dream I drank beers with […]

Origami Letters

2011 Written, Produced and Directed by J.A. Alvarado First Assistant Production and Direction: Roberto Serna Photography and Editing: J.A. Alvarado Music: Alastair Cameron Starring: José Ochoa Pagaza, Rosa Ninfa Ochoa del Valle, Alejandra Sánchez Acevedo and José Jorge Ochoa del Valle Running Time: 8 min aprox. How many times we know exactly what to say, […]