3 Hours Sleep Hypnosis Brain Booster Skill Builder Problem Solver Procrastiination

[ad_1] This is three hours of the world’s most relaxing self improvement hypnosis for deep relaxation and restful sleep. The combination of IQ raising, skill enhancement, problem solving, and help with procrastination is Ronin’s choice. Thank you Ronin for your suggestion. Rest easy and sleep well. [ad_2]

Do you have a problem with Your Bluetooth pairing on your Pioneer radio? Watch This!

[ad_1] In this video we talk about bluetooth issues and possible solutions to fix them. [ad_2]

Dodge Charger Chrysler 300 AC Air Conditioning Clutch Fuse Problem Fix – Fuse Bypass

[ad_1] Here I show you on (my 2012 Dodge Charger) how I installed a simple bypass for fuse number 12 which corresponds to the AC Clutch relay. For some strange reason there is a problem that causes only this fuse cavity to over heat and melt the fuse. No matter how many times you change […]

DIY Car Repair Quick Tip #12: Special Gear Wrench Attachment for Working in Tight Spaces

[ad_1] In part 12 of this series Kent demonstrates the use of a very special attachment you can get to fit into the box end of most ratcheting box wrenches. With this attachment, you can convert the wrench into a narrow head ratchet wrench. You can also attach it to a long box wrench (non […]

Audio Volume knob Not working – Surprising trick

[ad_1] If when turning the knob the volume doesn’t change on your car or home audio, try this quick trick! Works pretty well with any other knob button for car or home audio as well [ad_2]

DIY Car Repair Quick Tip #16: Special Auto Spark Plug Installation Tool and It Is Cheap!

[ad_1] In part 16 of this series Kent shares a tip that will help you safely install spark plugs using a “special” tool you can easily make yourself. This tool will prevent cross threading the plug and eliminate dropping it down inside the engine compartment. It will even help you remove plugs from deep recessed […]

How To Fix Impala and Monte Carlo "No Sound" and Water on Floor Problem

[ad_1] If your radio lights up and appears to be working, but you hear no sound and/or you have water on the carpet this will fix both issues. Don’t replace the radio, don’t replace the amplifier. Just do this simple fix that will cost you virtually nothing at all. [ad_2]

Very Common A/C Problem – Smart ForTwo

[ad_1] Fixed a very common problem with many German cars. The Air Conditioning Evaporator Temp Sensor has bad wires. The Smart Car A/C is great now. 2013 Smart ForTwo Ice Shine Edition Check out HiRevz Clothing Co. at Please Like and Subscribe! Subscribe Here: Digital Delirium Get $5 off your First purchase on the Amazon […]