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Sa’s uke original – Dance

Tener un ukelele y no inventarte cosas es como comer helados solo en verano. Ahí va mi psicodélica oda a la alegría de la tranquilidad. Having a ukulele and not inventing is like only eating ice cream in the summer. There goes my psychedelic ode to the joy of tranquility. “Baby boy, you know, you […]

“The Britney Song”

Wickid Pissa is a Boston band that consists of Josh Mitchell, Patrick Ryan, and Tristan Rudat. You can buy an MP3 of this song by sending $1 via PayPal to – mitchmitchell24@hotmail.com Support indie art by tipping this video by clicking the tip jar above. Last night I had a dream I drank beers with […]

VinS – Requiem for a Life (Video Mix)

We are pres. a cool sexy, romantic video on a track “Requiem for a Life” by VinS and edited 2019 version how the video mix. Feel it! Experience the feelings of passion with a boyfriend and girlfriend in the clip.. “She’s Lovin It”. Enjoy! ****** THE NEW 2019 RELEASE ****** “Great to welcome back. We’re […]

marek hemmann – left ( feat . fabian reichelt )

video by Let´s Fets facebook.com/pages/Foto-und-Videobearbeitung/208815969146465 letsfetsvideocreating.blogspot.com/ youtube.com/user/ByLetsFets youtube.com/user/Patrickneuster http://www.marekhemmann.com/ http://www.decks.de/index.php http://www.youtube.com/marekhemmann http://www.myspace.com/marekhemmann That Marek Hemmann has developed his own personally formed style is undeniable. Now he is headed in the direction of song instead of tracks. With his success up until now in his rear view, he has managed with a lightheartedness to establish his […]

Dance to another song

This video was made for the dance to another song request by Möte09. Here are the instructions: – This is the möte09 dance, and this is how you do it: * Dance! * Add another song in the video editing * Include these instructions when you post/send it on * Celebrate! – The video was […]

Homemade Cat food

Ginger Holiday Vlogs- Homemade Cat food-ukulele Ginger Holiday ( makes cat food and then plays the uke The Recipe (taken from “Since writing this page many years ago, I have pushed heavily for the use of fresh bone (versus bone meal) as a calcium source. This requires buying a grinder. However, many people are either […]